About GSEG

GetSomeElite Gaming is a collective organization started by a group of friends/gamers who spent Friday nights playing Call of Duty, Halo and Forza. Starting out as a great way connect and socialize with each other, it grew into a larger event with more members joining each weekend. These Friday night events(FNK) led to expansion into streaming and online live entertainment on Twitch, Stream.me and Mixer. Growing all along. Esports became a passion for members as GSEG Esports was formed officially as an organization that was intended to be a space where players could grow individually and as a team with a supportive base. A base that consisted of High School fans, Professional Marketers, Web Developers, Teachers, Entertainers and Business Owners. Giving resources freely to those that wished to pursue their Esports goals. As of today, Members of GSEG Esports have Participated in various Call Of Duty Live MLG Events. We have also been heavily involved with the H1Z1 Pro League. Our players competed in H1Z1 Invitational 2017 and participated in the championship round. Building off that success we were active on the Champions and Chicken Dinner Scrim Events and went on to be and early application for the H1Z1 Pro League. Finishing the process and an alternate team for the H1PL. Current active management includes Co-founders Jed Duffield and Jason Rubacky, General Manager Ally Hilliard, Esports Manager Jordan Garcia and Community Manager Brad Buttersworth. Our focus is supporting growing talent. Streamers, Esports Athletes and the communities that support them.